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Gsm pro tool v5.2 allows you to update/change sw, complete factory reset, switch to download mode, read/write calibration data files, direct unlock/read codes, delete frp, patch, sn, drk, bluetooth, etc. For 95% of samsung phones. You can also modify the language and other tools on several cdma and gsm samsung phones with the samsung editor. Gsm pro began with the 20.5 version of the program and this is the gsm pro evolution.

Gsm tool pro v4.0 free version – samsung |honor| apple icloud bypass: for windows computers, gsm platform pro v4.0 free is a small tool. The tool allows users to delete frp, icloud bypass, flashing, apk creation, and more features from apple. Please check the complete functions below for more information about the tool.

Samsung unlock device.

Reset screen lock recovery mode,reset screen lock adb mode (need root),unlock device frpon,reset screen lock use boot.img rvsecurity method, reset screen lock in sideload mode, unlockclearinguimethod sideload mode, unlockpartitiondatamodification sideload mode, remove lockscreen withut root( remove system ui ), remove lockscreen (need root 4.0 to 6.0.1 ) method 1, remove lockscreen (need root 6.0.1+) method 2.

Frp function’s.

Frp bypass usb debuging os 5,6,7,8,9 tested,frp bypass download mode samsung old (200) model, frp bypass download mode samsung new (200) model, frp ( support other device models ), frp ( edl mode ), reset (frp) 1272 model, reset (frp) via adb w,o root,reset frp ( adb ) fast, frp download mode, frp unlock for knox 2.6 android 6.x.x, frp unlock for knox 2.6 android 7.x.x.


Format device enable hw version enable call record shealth knox fix disable antimalware fix knox fix system ui software fix softbrick fix hide developer options fix root csc / vertify exit factory mode disable update system enable camera shutter root check dump & backup & flash.

Dump partition read partition restore partition sideload zip file samsung flasher tools ios 14.x.xos 6s’ iphone the 6s plus iphone iphone see the ios 13.x.xx.

The 6s iphone the 6s plus iphone iphone seven the 7 plus iphone 8 iphone the 8 plus iphone about iphone x a tiny ipad ios 12.x. 

Iphone 6g iphone 6 plus working features after bypass working untethered 3g/4g/lte working imessage working facetime icloud sign in working notifications working calls/sms carrier [gsm] meid [no call] working fingerprint working face id read info from idevices.

Requirements for bypass icloud at hello screen (normal mode)

Jailbreak your ios device if your device has meid enabled: the bypass will be without gsm network put a sim card with pin into the device connect it to pc using the usb cable wait until the device appears on pc then press start.

Download Gsm Tool Pro V5.2 | Honor| Apple | Samsung | Xiaomi | Qualcomm

Password: officialroms

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